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Health Status Levels

The world's only public available health declaration system (SuS) combined with the best genetics are the key to optimal production results. In Denmark, we have declared health status levels for the buyer. High status herds are declared free of a number of diseases.

They are the top health status for production animals, followed by Middle status, modified by specification of the health statuses checked - e.g. MYC, APP, PRRS. Conventional herds are herds whose health status is not systematically checked and to a certain extent unknown due to no monitoring of antibodies.

The majority of the Danish pig breeders, that Porc-Ex cooperates with, is a part of the SuS health system. If a pig producer has an official health status, he will be subjected to extensive regulations concerning protection against infection, health control and transportation.

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A group of little piglets scurrying around near their mother.