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Prezzi ufficiali dalla Danimarca

The official piglet prices from PRC (Videncenter for Svineproduktion)

Estimated weaner prices in DKK, from 27. June 2022 (week 26)

Estimated Weaner Prices:  7 kgChange52 W avg30 kgChange52 W avg 
SPF + Myc214,92+12,67191,76406,02+19,74354,46
Ecologically raised---969,33-20,05995,44 
UK-supplement DC9,770,009,7710,770,0010,77 
UK-supplement Tican9,770,009,7710,770,0010,77 

SPF Market Price:7 kg  Change 52 W avg 30 kgChange52 W avg
Recommended price (+/- for quantity, health & quality)
SPF-Company Region 1PRRS negative16001353300266
PRRS positive14501203100246
SPF-Company Region 2 og 3PRRS negative16001353300266
PPRS positive14501203100246

Conventional - Market Price:7 kgChange52 W avg30 kgChange52 W avg
Nordjysk Smaagrisesalg (Northern Jutland)140+10122340+15272
Midtjysk Smaagrisesalg (Midjutland)---330+10273
Vestjysk Smaagrisesalg (Western Jutland)15001403500277
SPF-Company health status: Unknown/conv.with PRRS-decl.13001052950231
SLS, (Eastern Islands)Suspendet0suspendetsuspendetsuspendetsuspendet
Dealer Bette gris15501333600275

Export Quotation:7 kgChange52 W avg30 kgChange52 W avg
Porc-Ex A/SCleanBlue
 PRRS negative---360+25257
 PRRS positive---330

Adjustment, Kilos:5-7 kg7-9 kg9-12 kg12-25 kg25-30 kg30-40 kg
Piglets, DKK per kilo.15,4012,4010,697,866,417,23
Ecologically raised piglets, DKK per kg---18,2613,1012,60
Midtjysk Smaagrisesalg fixed kilo adjustment+-6 DKK/kg    

Conditions: SowsPigletsSlaug.pigs
Quotation (Danish Crown, DKK per kg)7,60-11,10
Feed prices, DKK per feed unit/pig2,663,292,67
Contribution margin/pig-7039
Zero point (7 kg, 30 kg, settling price)28751314,99

Pig Closeup
group of young piglet at pig breeding farm
two young piglet on hay and straw at pig breeding farm