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First class transportation and animal welfare

In Porc-Ex , we have great experience in transportation of pigs. We have an extensive network of professional transport companies. Furthermore, we have 5-deck trailers at 157 sq.m. carrying 750 piglets, at our disposal, and we can ensure that the truck arriving at your pig farm is clean, disinfected and properly quarantined according to the legal requirements and health protection rules before loading.

Our unique business concept informs our buyer of the health status of each supplier. Porc-Ex is exporting animals directly from the herds or through our own export centre, called Birkely.

We always deliver the quality agreeed on. A veterinarian, always inspecting the herd on the farm in question, checks the herds, from which we supply animals in Denmark, every 5 weeks and in connection with the actual exportation; a state veterinarian checks the piglets once again before they are loaded into the export vehicle.