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The world is constantly changing and developing, so much so that you must constantly be on the beat to keep up. This phenomenon applies in particular to agriculture in general, but also to a large extent to pig production.

We believe that the market mechanisms automatically regulate the current turbulence and debate about whether pigs should be slaughtered in Denmark or whether they should only be partly born in Denmark and then exported as piglets. Porc-Ex A/S must help drive the sustainable future in a balanced and rational way.

Thanks to Anders Vernersen's (Axelborg) mathematical brain, he has over the last approx. 25 years, developed Danish pig genetics to be a leader worldwide.

The reproductive characteristics in particular are setting new records every day, which in combination with an unrivaled management of Danish piglet producers means that, in our opinion, Denmark will also be Europe's largest exporter of piglets to Europe in the future.

Porc-Ex A/S is motivated and engaged in the export of piglets, so that the resources and the export can benefit Danish agriculture by ensuring the best economy and the best sales conditions for the Danish pig producers.

Great experience and expertise

About Porc-Ex A/S

If you are interested in trying an alternative to selling your pigs, contacting Porc-Ex A/S could be an option. We always aim to sell the pigs where the best prices can be obtained, and through this policy have built up a wide network of contacts and agents in all important European markets.

Porc-Ex buys both in contract and for pool turnover according to several calculation models.

Why choose Porc-Ex?

Porc-Ex is a leader and trendsetter in the purchase and sale of piglets for export. We strive for cost minimization so that as much money as possible goes to the producer, i.a. by minimizing costs in all stages of the process from the pig producer to the end user. Professionalism and clear agreements are a matter of course in our cooperation with our suppliers, just as quality during transport plays an all-important role for us when the pigs must be transported to their new owner. Our slogan is: "The price moves the pig", regardless of whether the market is going up or down.

Good reasons to choose Porc-Ex:

  • Professional export of piglets
  • Our slogan is "The price moves the pig"
  • We have a wide contact and agent network in Europe
  • We only use Danish Transport and QS-approved carriers
  • We have good credit standing
  • We say what we do and we do what we say

Porc-Ex A/S gives you assurance that all legal obligations are complied with, including complaints, compliance with payment deadlines, fraud, venue, transport etc. We take care of all the practical aspects in relation to the export portal, official veterinarian, Traces etc.


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